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An Open World was created with the concept of 'free form' role-playing, you can be what you want and who you want freely.
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 Site Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Site Rules and Regulations   Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:36 pm

Here at an Open World we strive to create a comfortable environment for everyone to enjoy: a place where you can escape the day to day grind of real life and simply enjoy yourself. With that said we've created a basic collection of rules that must be followed by all Members and Guests that are on this site.

The Basic Rules
1. Respect each other. If you have a problem with another Member please take it to PM. Arguments and flame fests will not be permitted either in the Chatbox or in threads.

2. Please keep all Chatbox topics PG-13 or lower: not everyone wants to hear what you did last night with that girl (or guy) you picked up from the bar.

3. While the majority of people do swear or curse occasionally let's keep things from turning into an all out 'cuss fest.

4. Respect the Admin's and Staff of the site. This includes not arguing with them over a ruling or decision that they've made. Arguing will not help your cause, it will only harm it in the end.

5. Five Minute Rule! This means that you must wait until five minutes has passed from the time that a staff member has entered into the Chatbox before you can ask them to mod or look at your stuff. This also means that you must wait until five minutes after you've entered the chatbox before you can ask for any of your stuff to be modded or looked at.

Thread Rules
1. Each and every RP thread created on an Open World MUST be rated. These ratings serve as a warning to others who might get curious and click on the thread to see what is going on. These ratings should dictate what can and cannot happen within the thread. The ratings are as follows: PG, PG-13, R, NC17, MA. To rate a thread simply tag it after the title with [Rating Here]. If a thread has been rated lowly (PG or PG-13) then the content in that thread MUST remain as such. If things escalate it must be moved to another thread.

2. You cannot change thread titles or ratings after they've already been placed. If the current situation dictates another rating then please create a new topic and continue there.

3. Keep a posting order: this means that if John, Sue and then Larry post that is the order that the posting must continue in. If it has been over 48 hours and someone has not posted, however, then they can be skipped.

4. Please ensure that you indicate who can and cannot enter your thread. You do this by tagging your thread with things such as [Private], [Open], [Invite Only], [Sue or Invite], ect. If a thread isn't tagged then it is considered Open, and therefore anyone can join it.
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Site Rules and Regulations
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