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An Open World was created with the concept of 'free form' role-playing, you can be what you want and who you want freely.
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 Fighting Guidelines

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PostSubject: Fighting Guidelines   Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:49 pm

Here at an Open World combat is the last thing on our minds; this site is based towards actual role-playing and less on fighting. However, if a fight breaks out between two players we have a specified set of guidelines for it.

First off, the fight has to be over a legit IC interaction: taking OOC issues IC will not be allowed.

Before a fight can take place it must be brought before staff who will decide then if the fight is warranted. If it is then the fight will be moved to a new thread where it can take place: the only people allowed in this thread will be those characters who've been approved to partake in the fight.

Fighting here on an Open World is T1 style: this means turned based paragraph fighting. Much like a game of chess you are to essentially back your opponent into a corner and ensure that they have no way to dodge or maneuver out of your attack. You cannot claim that an attack auto-hits: instead you must back your opponent into the proverbial corner to ensure that they have no choice but to accept the attack (pending they can't find a way out of it).

Each character when a fight starts will be allowed to post their introduction. In this introduction they must list all weapons, items, special abilities, and powers. Anything not listed in this introduction will not be allowed. After each introduction is posted a staff member will quote your introduction in that thread after it's been posted to ensure that nothing is added or changed later on.

The setting for the location the confrontation started in will be the setting of the fight; however if no setting was properly described then it will be up to a member of staff to decide on a legitimate setting for the fight: this will include the time of day, season, and geographical location as well as specific landmasses, ect, that are nearby.

When a fight is agreed upon then a member of staff will create the specific topic and it will be marked with a [Fight: Sue v. John] tag with the original character's names involved. In the staff member's post will be not only the location of the fight but also any rules that those involved must abide by. These rules can include anything from the amount of people able to join, to how long you have to post before you can be skipped, and so on.

Please note that these guidelines do not count towards those killing NPC's: NPC killing is allowed without staff permission, this only counts towards character on character fighting.
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PostSubject: Re: Fighting Guidelines   Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:34 pm

Abilities Guide
Abilities, simply put, are things that your character is capable of doing. It covers all range of things from being a physical fighter to playing God (yes, I did just go there).

They're broken into three categories:

  • RM (Realistic Melee):  A real fight in text form. Realistic Melee can be anything from a basic fist fight to a Kung-Fu battle, from knives to pistols and other weapons. Your character is an ordinary human, hence the "Realistic". To put it simple, if you can't do it for real, you can't do it here.

  • MP (Mild Powers/ Unrealstic Melee): Think comic book. Characters are equipped with a basic set of powers, such as being able to shoot fire, jump the length of city blocks, limited flight, ect. For those who'd like to utilize powers while still having some sort of realism.

  • PC (Power Character): Basically.. the sky's the limit to put it simple. Play God... go ahead, I dare you.

All abilities are to be apped in the Ability Registration area to be looked over and approved. What stands between you and an approval from staff you might ask? Detail. The more detailed you are about what your character is capable of doing and how, the more likely your stuff will be able to be approved.

Once your Abilities are approved then you're free to move them into your character's Ability List after you have paid for them and trained them.

What do abilities cover? Everything and anything. If you're a vampire and you wish to fly? You gotta app it. If you're a witch and you want to turn someone into a frog? Gotta app it. Please take note, however, that under the appropriate species listing will be pre-approved abilities that your character will get just for being a part of that particular species, and therefore those abilities can automatically go into your Ability List and do not count towards your five freebies.

There are just a few short rules you need to abide by:
1. No light speed or faster. Anything this fast will result in the instant death of your character.
2. No destroying the world. Attempting to do so will cause your move to backfire on you, thus killing you.
3. No extinction level event attacks. See above for details on what will happen.
4. Chronolock - Existing outside of time and space - While this ability (and all variations of it similar) is not illegal, users need to be aware of the stipulations that come with using such a power. While this ability is in play, this means that the user exists outside of time and space and as such are immune to just about anything that would affect or harm them, but this means that they do not exist within the present time frame, and thus cannot alter or manipulate anything within it. Existing in your own plane/reality/time frame where you cannot be harmed while still being able to cause harm in the present time frame is illegal. There is no such thing as "here but not here;" you either exist in this time frame or you do not. This matter will not be disputed, you have been warned.
5. See banned/restricted listing for full list.
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Fighting Guidelines
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