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An Open World was created with the concept of 'free form' role-playing, you can be what you want and who you want freely.
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PostSubject: Demon   Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:35 pm

Name: Demon
Life Span: Immortal
General Information: Demons have been around since the fall of Lucifer, with the highest ranking demons being fallen angels. They're beings of evil and corruption whose sole purpose is to cause chaos and destruction where ever they go. To spread misery and deceit like some sort of sadistic plague. They're soulless creature capable of possessing and influencing humans and causing all sorts of problems.
They've been depicted in all manner of paintings and art work; with many forms to fool the human populace.
Special Abilities: Demons are capable of taking on a human like appearance and using all sorts and forms of evil magic. The more imaginative the demon, the more powerful they tend to be.
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