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An Open World was created with the concept of 'free form' role-playing, you can be what you want and who you want freely.
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PostSubject: Thread Rating   Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:30 pm

We've created a rating system for threads based between PG and MA. Each thread created must be rated depending on the content that might or might not happen in the thread. If it's an open thread and therefore undetermined you may use "NR" for not rated - this means that anything and everything that could happen might and you've been warned.

Not rating threads will result in a verbal warning, a warning, suspension, and then a ban if you continue to fail rating your threads.

This is to ensure that everyone is "prewarned" before entering a thread on the type of content that might be going on within the thread - this way if people don't want to see that sort of content they know it might be in there before looking. This is also to ensure that nothing beyond what the creator of the thread intended it to be happens (example: You cannot come into a PG thread and start up a sex scene).

PG - Pretty much everyone friendly, little to no violence, and no sexual content
PG13 - Mild sexual content, some violence
R - Strong sexual content, strong violence
MA - Not for the feint of heart, anything and everything can happen in this thread
NR - Not rated. It simply means it might or might not happen.

To rate a thread you simply put [PG/PG13/R/MA/NR] depending on the rating you want in brackets or parenthesis of some kind after the title of your topic.
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