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 Werewolf (TW version)

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PostSubject: Werewolf (TW version)   Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:45 pm

Name: Werewolf

Life Span: Up to 250 years old

General Information: Werewolfs are sup-species of shapeshifters. These half men/half wolf gain several superhuman stats, enhanced healing, enhanced vision, heightened senses, and various other powers. There are two different ways to be a werewolf. You can either be bitten by an alpha or being born a wolf via family traits. This breed of wolves have very distinct appearances while in wolf form. Their eyes glow, (The color depends on their wolf status) Their teeth change into fangs, hair grows along the cheekbones, and various other minor changes.

There are three different types of werewolves. An Alpha, the strongest of the three and the leader of the pack.They have eyes that glow red. A Beta, which is what most bitten and born werewolves become Their eyes can be either Blue or Gold. Blue stands for having taken an innocent life. Gold is just the basic color with no meaning. Omegas are wolves without a pack. They are easily the weakest of the three, as the werewolves strength depends on the size of the pack. Omegas will start to go crazy if they are alone for too long.

once a month, these werewolves become even stronger. new wolves even shift without control, causing them to lust for the kill. These things only happen during a full moon.  With time and practice, a wolf can ignore the sway of the moon.

History: Stories of werewolves have been around as long as humans have. They try to stay hidden to the eye of society, and have done a pretty good job of it. This specific version of werewolves comes from the show Teen Wolf. Not much else is known about them, as they do not answer to a bigger power. Each pack or wolf family has it's unique history of it's own.
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Werewolf (TW version)
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