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An Open World was created with the concept of 'free form' role-playing, you can be what you want and who you want freely.
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 My Personal Heaven~ [Open][NR]

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PostSubject: My Personal Heaven~ [Open][NR]   Tue Jul 14, 2015 7:04 am

“Will you just open, damn you...”, Demitria muttered as she pressed against the great metal double doors. It was one of several sets that dotted the underground labyrinth of tunnels beneath her graveyard. They were only accessible through the crypt in the dead center of her graveyard – and the crypt was kept locked up tight unless you knew where the pressure switch was. Sometimes, though, things liked to stick. At the moment what was sticking was a set of doors that led to a sanctuary within this creepy and very misleading place.

Anyone who didn't know Demi would think that this crypt of hers housed the dead, but it was far from true – unless you counted the living impaired like herself. The crypt was all for show, nothing more then a way to keep the humans who ventured this far in from becoming too nosy – Demi had no intentions of sleeping with dead bodies. They stunk, they rotted, and if you were really unlucky they came back to life and started to gnaw on you while you were attempting to sleep. Yeah, no thanks. As it was the crypt smelled like nothing more then the earth it had been carved into; moist and damp but not an overly bad smell. Only special areas, like her private chambers that looked like an actual bedroom complete with a king sized bed, and other living quarters hidden within these tunnels, held the smell of anything else – and that was natural incense that she liked to burn that left just enough of a smell to gentle caress the senses without being overwhelming to those with a hyper sensitive nose.

Of course, this moisture and dampness wasn't helping Demi in the slightest right now. Oh, she was strong enough to easily rip the doors apart, yes, but she was attempting to avoid having to replace yet another set. “Damn you to hell, open up... I don't want to break you again.”, she grumbled beneath her breath as she rolled her eyes in annoyance. She pressed her weight against the door once more and heard a groan while feeling the doors give a little. She increased her weight on the door and sure enough they popped open.

Demi saved herself from falling on her face by quickly reaching out and grabbing the door handle to the left door. She then looked up with violet colored eyes to the sanctuary she had been attempting to get to. The place was like Heaven on earth: open to the moon and stars above with a underground spring that made its appearance as it ran through the area. The spring led to a pool of clean and clear water that was easily deep enough to swim in. There was a hill that led to several small water falls, and areas to jump into this pool from. In the very center was a large tree from which not only a make shift swing hung, but several hammocks. It was a place meant to be a little paradise, and that's exactly what it was – at least to Demi. It was a place never touched by human hands, and that never would be if she had any say in it. It was lit naturally by the full pregnant moon that hung above and the millions of starts that twinkled away; so it wasn't harsh on her keen eyes, but allowed her to comfortably see.

Demi slipped her boots off and left them by the door: the grass and moss that covered the ground was comfortable enough to walk on after all, and it was more preferred then shoes. She wiggled her bare toes and let out a content sigh. Ah yes, this was what she had been waiting for.
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My Personal Heaven~ [Open][NR]
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